Try To Survive



Try to survive, and to stop the alien invasion!
Located in the middle of the desert, there's a military base engaged in the research and development of experimental armament. Near that base, a meteorite crashed bringing with it an alien life form. They have propagated and mutated into new especies. They began to attack humans, and our soldiers weren't strong enough to restrain the monster's onslaught. Our fort is between the base and a civil sector. Safety of people living in the near-by city now fully depends on us. Your task is to survive, and to stop the alien invasion.

Use your mouse to shoot at the enemies, build and buy weapons.
Let the refugees (glowing green guys) get into your base and they will heal you!
HINT: If the game is too hard for you :)
Try to use Satellite guns at first waves and also build Barriers in front of your Automatic turrets to protect them.



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